"Mr. Magic was awesome!" 

"A Huge Success!"

"I was standing right next to him and I didn't see how he did it!"

"The best magician I have ever seen!
 Of course, I haven't seen many."

As a young boy growing up in the Midwest,  Mr. Magic first experienced that feeling of  wonder watching a live magical performance. He has devoted years of study, creativity, and practice so that you, too, can experience that same special sense of awe and wonder.

Mr. Magic's performances have been enjoyed by thousands of people across the United States. He has entertained and amazed audiences at corporate events, community festivals, charity events, and private parties. By involving people from the audience, he creates an atmosphere where everyone is part of the show. 

Experience the wonder of the Amazing Mr. Magic!
Providing Magical Experiences for Audiences of All Ages
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